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    How It Works?

    We at Motiveloan, We believe that the process of applying for the loan should be simple, quick and easy. Our online application is streamlined and straightforward questions that efficiently guide you to the correct direction. The loan application must be done correctly as it is the data our lender network utilizes to determine whether they’re capable of providing you with an offer to lend.

    Loans upto $5000
    Loans Up To $5000

    One of the benefits of making use of Motiveloan is the fact that we partner with a variety of lenders who have various lending practices and methods. This means you are more likely to locate an institution within our network as there are more choices available to you. Because every lender has its own policies regarding lending, we strongly advise you to review their disclosures, loan conditions and lending policies carefully before signing and agreeing for any loans.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is a Personal Loan?

    A personal loan can be the best way for individuals to obtain as much as $5,000 in financing. The loan can be used to fund house improvements, luxury items purchases, vehicle repairs , or big purchases. The term that a loan can be granted is referred to as the term. It could range from 180 days, based on lender. The form we provide online isn’t filled with lengthy questions. Instead, it requires your basic information as well as an address for the location you’d like the loan to be sent. It’s as simple as that!

    Basic Loan Requirements:
    • You must be at minimum the age of 18.
    • It is required to meet the requirements of being an U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident.
    • Are you currently employed or have a an income that is steady.
    • A bank account is required to deposit the money and, in the ideal case, using direct deposit.
    What is a Personal Loan For?

    Individuals can get personal loans to assist with home repairs as well as luxury purchases, Christmas shopping, and so on. An loan with one of our loan providers could provide the cash you require! Fill out our easy online form. Follow the simple procedure, and If you’re approved, you could receive your money within tomorrow!

    Are There Any Applicable Fees and/or Interest?

    Motiveloan’s service will be provided for free However, that’s not to suggest they will offer you a loan at no cost. The lender will be charged fees and/or interest , and will be able to provide you with a complete disclosure of their loan conditions upon acceptance. It is your responsibility to review the loan terms prior to signing your loan contract.

    When Do I Repay the Loan?

    The terms for repayment of loans differ depending on the lender. It is therefore important to verify the loan contract from your lender for details regarding the terms of repayment for your lender.

    What If I Need to Make a Late Payment?

    Late payment penalties vary between lenders. Some lenders will be lenient should you approach them directly, but certain lenders will automatically charge an additional fee if they have it stipulated in their contract. If you’d like to know more, call them directly in case there are problems paying back the loan.

    How can you safeguard my privacy and personal data?

    We are committed to protecting your privacy, therefore we employ industry-standard encryption on our site to ensure that no third party can steal your information. We also recommend reading our privacy policies for more information on this.

    Important Information & Disclosures
    APR Disclosure & Range Information

    The Annual Percentage Ratio (APR) is an indication in the amount of cost of credit which is expressed in terms of nominal year-long rate. It is a measure of the amount and the timing of the value that is that the consumer receives in relation as well as the frequency and amount of the payment. Motiveloan can’t guarantee an APR as we are not an actual lender. The Annual Percentage Rates (APR) start at 5.99 percent up to 35.99 percent.

    Personal loans are available for an 61-day minimum period of repayment and a maximum of 72 months for duration of repayment. Before you accept a loan offered by any lender in our network Please be sure to read the loan contract carefully since the APR and the terms of repayment may differ from those described on this website.

    Representative Examples For APR, Total Loan Costs & All Applicable Fees
    Loan Amount$1,000$2,000$5,000$10,000
    Interest Rate24%19%13%8%
    Loan Term12 Months24 Months48 Months60 Months
    Fee Cost$30$100$400$1,000
    Total Payments$1,134.72$2,419.68$6,320.12$12,136.80
    Total Costs$164.72$519.68$1,720.12$3,136.80
    Representative Examples For APR, Total Loans Costs & All Applicable Fees
    Renewal Policy

    The lenders have their own Renewal Policy. Certain of them automatically renew, or “roll-over” features. These options usually come with an the cost of an additional charge. You should ask the lender you signed to for their renewal policies. It is also essential to read the entire Loan Agreement and Disclosures to ensure that you are familiar with their terms before committing to the loan.

    Late, Partial, or Non-Payments and Collections

    While each lender is bound to comply with the laws of the state that regulate them, they each have different approaches to dealing with late payments. A loan is a contract by you with your lender that they will pay the loan back by the deadline agreed. In accordance with the terms of your agreement to your loan provider, in the event that you’re in arrears with the agreed payment the lender can add charges, transfer the debt an agency for collection and make a report of your non-payment, late or partial payment to an agency that handles consumer reports. The policies vary from lender to lender and therefore, it is important that you check with your lender to learn about their policies.

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